About The Company

Hot air balloon rising into the sky against a colorful sunset backdrop.
Our Story

A legacy of Excellence

What started as a gift 14 years ago turned into a passion and career. My wife and I went on a hot air balloon ride after she gifted me tickets for my birthday. The experience ignited a desire to become a hot air balloon pilot. I started as part of the crew and within a year was a certified hot air balloon pilot. I worked my way from flying smaller balloons to eventually flying larger balloons. 

Ballooning was just another aspect of aviation that I loved. My love of aviation and flying started when I was a young child and never left. I’ve been a licensed pilot for over two decades and flown airplanes for fun and for work. The transition to ballooning was made easy by the joy and excitement that comes from it. Now I hope to share the remarkable experience of flying on a hot air balloon with you.