Chicago Hot Air Balloon Flights that Exceed All Expectations

Hot air balloons deliver an amazing opportunity to view your surroundings from the elevated perspective of birds and superheroes. From elevations exceeding a few hundred feet above the ground, the world takes on an entirely new form. Cars resemble toys and skyscrapers, one would tip over struggling to see the top of on the ground, are dwarfed. Subdivisions appear like patchwork typically found on grandmother’s quilts and the scenery in outlying areas is made even more beautiful from above. When our clients elect to have us search for and arrange the perfect hot air balloon flight to satisfy their need to fly, we choose from one of the many balloon companies we align ourselves with. We are confident in their ability to facilitate the most thrilling, safe and visually impactful flights. Through a number of varied hot air balloon services, they are capable of achieving the perfect hot air balloon solution for you. Read on to find out more about the many hot air balloon alternatives available to you.

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Private Hot Air Balloon Flights for Those in Need of Alone Time

The private balloon rides our affiliates deliver are varied to appeal to people interested in ballooning but don’t want to share the flight with others. We can arrange private hot air balloon flights for couples who prefer to fly with only themselves and the pilot onboard. This permits opportunities for them to get close to one another and share in the intimacy the balloon basket provides. Or for parents who want to bring a child along but don’t want to have to rub elbows with strangers, we can arrange private flights that accommodate three.

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On a private hot air balloon flight, you will arrive prior to the launch to see the envelope being inflated and the ground crew rigging the balloon. You’ll climb onboard and the balloon will launch into its ascent. This is thrilling as objects on the ground beneath will begin to become smaller and smaller until the buildings and cars look like miniature versions of themselves. You will be enchanted by the way in which the balloon gently glides across the sky. You can see for miles from this elevation so you may be able to catch glimpse of the Chicago skyline off in the distance. For roughly an hour you’ll float through the air slowly moving toward the landing spot. Upon touchdown, a celebration will ensue where you may have a chance to receive a flight certificate as well as a champagne toast. The ground crew will stow the balloon and the chase grew will return you back to the start. You can’t go wrong when you choose to experience hot air balloon flight on a private ride today.

Private Balloon Rides in Chicago

Group Hot Air Balloon Travel Services for Two or More

There are so many occasions that can be made even more thrilling by making the addition of a group hot air balloon ride. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, corporate experiences can all be made exciting and fun when you arrange for a group balloon flight through us.

On group hot air balloon rides, two or more people can fly in balloons suitable in size to comfortably accommodate several passengers at once. Some balloons can accommodate more than 10 people. You can partake in group flights with individuals of your choosing, like wedding parties and family members. Or you can elect to take part in group flights with complete strangers so as to potentially make new acquaintances. Specialty group hot air balloon rides may be scheduled that incorporate a purpose into the flight like in team bonding activity flights. During these flights, you and your colleagues will work in conjunction to facilitate a successful balloon flight from start to fruition.

Group Hot Air Balloon Rides in Chicago

Chicago Adds an Element of Visual Appeal to Hot Air Balloon Rides

Downtown ChicagoOne of the many reasons hot air balloon flights in this part of the country are so incredible has to do with the diversity in surroundings. Chicago is a well-known city featuring an abundance of attractions for residents and tourists alike from its many arts and cultural amenities to the beauty of Lake Michigan. Many people who visit Chicago never consider that the areas outside the large urban cityscape feature stunning scenery as well. Therefore, from the perspective hot air balloon flights provide, you’re certain to not be disappointed. You may have the ability to spy some of the tallest buildings in the world off in the distance and see the ships sailing peacefully atop Lake Michigan. No matter where your flight commences and ends, if you’re in the vicinity of the Windy City, you’re guaranteed to see something spectacular.

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Anchored Hot Air Balloons for Business and Fun

Tethered hot air balloon services incorporate the use of balloons as a means of advertisement or to offer rides on hot air balloons affixed to objects to secure their positions. These tethered flights are perfect for first-time balloon passengers as they won’t exceed 125 feet in elevation and children can participate as well. They are often pursued to make enhancement to festivals and community sponsored events. Hot air balloons are an ideal resource as a means of advertisement to market products and services or to spread the word about a new line launch or get your brand name out into the public eye. Tethered balloons may also be implemented as a colorful backdrop to make wedding or event photos pop. To get details about whether you have an ideal location to make tethered balloon services a reality, contact customer care. They will relay the information you need to determine if your site is suitable or arrange for a representative to come check out the location prior to the schedule of service.

Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides in Chicago

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To get pertinent information regarding any of these services you see above or specialty services, contact our agents. They are available seven days a week to take reservations for hot air balloon flights, to answer concerns regarding balloon travel in general, to facilitate the purchase of gift certificates or to deliver a free quote. If you want to hear more about wedding balloon flights or bed and breakfast packages and champagne flights, feel free to inquire with our agents, They are happy to help. They can also respond to questions regarding any of the multiple balloon companies or operators we work alongside. Don’t delay in organizing your hot air balloon ride today!

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